Razer Kraken Kitty Headsets Absolutely purrrrrrrfect

We are totally in love with the Razer Kraken Kitty Edition. The glowing Neko-Ears react to your music stream! 🤩😍
OMG the cutest headsets
This is a must have for all cute gamers and for everyone who likes to look cute during streaming and video calls. The Razer Kitty Edition headsets are able to display millions of colors with their Chroma-feature this means they will react to the music you are listening to. They have really good mics and they come in our favorite color in kawaiiiii pink or in black. Yay.
The world learns to meow
If you are a streamer you will also be in love with the streamer companion app. With the app you can set unique light reactions for your headset to support your own audience interactions. This means perfect entertainment. Never be boring, surprise your fans. Our tip: decorate and customize your Razer Kraken Kitty Headphones even more with your own stickers and other cute accessories.
Wired or with Blue Tooth
You can get your headsets either with cable (USB) or wireless with Bluetooth. We think both models are same great and have both special advantages. But setting up the Bluetooth version is really easy. Check out this comparison video by aviluxi to learn what fits you most.
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