"Inspire other with your talent and smile!"
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I love gaming, drawing and a lot of music !❥ Going to school and work with unicef 🙏🦋
What are your cute super powers?
I can imitate characters perfectly to cosplays!
What is your perfect game setup?
Razer mouse, GTX 1060, Astro A50 headset! and ofc a cute pink d.va chair!
What are your beauty tips?
I use a lot of aloe vera facemasks!
Where are you from?
If you could timetravel where would you go?
I would like to stay here! :o
What is the story or inspiration behind your username?
One of my first cosplays was a sweet lolita cosplay and i had a lemon as a plush! There we go my name ;3
Who are your favorite cute influencers and why ;)?
Yunawndrlust cuz she got just a perfect face and so much talent in make up!
If you could only take 3 items to an empty island, what would it be?!!:
A cute doggo for seretonin, my boyfriend and a airplane! xD

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