"Sakura! Cosplayer and Gamer🌸"
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We need to do the work with a good mood!
Where are you from?
What is your dream? What do you want to achieve?
I want visit Japan! and i want to have my own my apartment.
What are your cute super powers?
I think my eyes, they have sooo kawaii and light blue power!
Who are your favorite characters, inspirational idols or heroes?
My favorite character- DVA
If you could only take 3 items to an empty island, what would it be?!!
Food, knife and bed
Who are your favorite cute influencers and why ;)?
I like, nintendo.grl, i love her style.
Which cosplay character you are mostly and why?
I think dva! because, my hair style look like hers.
What do you like to tell all people on
You are sooo cool guys!

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