"Do what you wanna do! You only live once!"
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I became an ambassador because I want to show more people what I love to do.
Where are you from?
Czech Republic
Who are your favorite characters, inspirational idols or heroes?
In real life is my hero my mum, I love her❤️
Which cosplay character you are mostly and why?
Sakura cuz she has same hair and has anger issues like me 🐒
What are your beauty tips?
What are your tips of cosplay newbees?
You dont need money to start doing cosplays
What is the cutest song in your playlist?
Renai Circulation
Tell us a makeup secret
I dont have a secret, just do what you like and one day it will be perfect
What is your favorite game at the moment and why?
I dont really play games now, but I like league of legends and genshin impact

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