Hey Mary

"Cosplayer, Gamer and Kawaii style"
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I saw kawaii.com recently and I loved the marketplace! I would love to became a ambassador of Kawaii.com to show to my followers that they can be kawaii, cosplayer or gamer too!
Who are your favorite cute influencers and why ;)?
Magic Phyra because she is amazing and the videos make me smile, she is funny and cute.
Where are you from?
Brazil 🇧🇷
What are your cute super powers?
My super power is help people with low self esteem, showing how they can be kawaii or what they want.
What are your beauty tips?
A lot of my followers always ask me about my gradient lips tutorial! I use eyeshadow, gloss and 2 colors os lipstick.
What are your tips of cosplay newbees?
Never give up! It's pretty hard on the begin but never give up, I can help you with you need!

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