"Pastel is my theraphy ♡︎"
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Stay positive and dont let others steal your happy face~ ♫♪
If you could timetravel where would you go ?
I would either travel back to my childhood bc being a kid again would be awesome 😍 or I discover the future, so curious about what is possible in 50/70 years 😧✨
Who are your favorite characters, inspirational idols or heroes?
Magical girls in general they are my heroes! I want to be one myself bc theyre powerful, kind, pretty and godess like 💕 and the dresses are always on point and so unique 😭💕 also ichigo (tmm), vanilla/chocola (nekopara), sana (vtuber)
What are your cute super powers?
I make people laugh with my silly lil jokes and put a smile on their face with my happy photos on instagram ♡︎
What is your dream? What do you want to achieve?
I want to make people happy. Always. my dream goal is to inspire many in the kawaii community with the things I love and let them feel safe and welcomed on my profile.
What is your perfect game setup?
All in pink, many colorful lights and bubble tea & snacks for a good good gaming session.
What is the story or inspiration behind your username?
Chobi means small in japanese, it was mentioned in one of my fav manga: chobits! kitsune means fox and since I'm often described as a fox personality wise it's the perfect fit!

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