Candy Fox

"I’m the Kawaii Monster Doll, putting my own sweet and scary twist on fashion!"
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I'm the Kawaii Monster Doll!
What are your cute super powers?
I have the ability to write music instantly and put together cute outfits and looks
Which cosplay character you are mostly and why?
Mew Ichigo! I have loved Tokyo Mew Mew since I was a child and always wanted to be a magical girl!
What is your perfect game setup?
Just my playstation, TV, comfy gaming chair and being surrounded by cute plushies and figures
What are your beauty tips?
I always try to be as unique as possible with my makeup, I always have dolly makeup, huge lenses and striking makeup
Where are you from?
The UK 🇬🇧
Who are your favorite characters, inspirational idols or heroes?
I'm super inspired by sanrio characters like Kuromi, My melody and Hello kitty!
What is your favorite song at the moment? Do you love to sing?
My new song Kawaii Killer
What do you like to tell all people on
Please check out my music! It's on all platforms now!

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