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"Kawaii Life is for everyone no matter your age, gender, complexion, or ethnicity"
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I’m Official Kawaii Ambassador elected from Japan on 2016 by Kawaii Ambassador Misako Aoki
Where are you from?
What is your dream? What do you want to achieve?
My dream is to be a recognised Lawyer, and that everyone can be good in their respective professions, without people having to relate your style of dressing with your abilities or knowledge.
Who are your favorite characters, inspirational idols or heroes?
Definitely Misako Aoki because she has increased Lolita Fashion all over the world & Mana-Sama because he is the most famous Gothic Lolita influencer, creator of the EGL term.
What are your beauty tips?
Don’t add too many products to your face because it can get wrinkled easier, drink a lot of water & try always to be happy & relaxed mainly for beauty health.
What do you like to tell all people on
If you want to try cute clothes just do it no matter other people might say, life is so short to still wearing clothes you don’t fit it.

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